The basic objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting, which was implemented in 2009/2010, is to educate generalist translators and interpreters, able to find, process, evaluate, transform and convey information in any support to develop a quality cultural and linguistic mediation. The second basic objective is the acquisition of professional working methodologies, so that the graduated students can identify and classify the mediation modalities, using the adequate strategies and working methodologies for each case, adapting to the task and knowing the key socioprofessional features for the development of the translators and interpreter tasks.

This bachelor’s degree, which is the only of its type in the Galician university system and in the northwest of Spain, is also the only one in Spain where the translation and interpreting subjects are taught from the Galician, given that is a co-official language.

On the other hand, the strategic geographical location of Galicia, which has historically promoted the cultural exchanges with Portugal, makes this degree very attractive for the students from the north of our neighbouring country. This possibility is also favoured by the offer of subjects on translation and interpreting in which one of the linguistic combinations is Portuguese.

Ultimately, it is a multipurpose educative degree prepared for a market which demands more and more flexibility and adaptability.