The Mentoring Action Programme of the Faculty of Philology and Translation aims to contribute to the comprehensive development of the university students.

The Mentoring Action Programme of the centre contains a set of actions that aims to facilitate the integration of the students in the university life and to meet their educational and informative demands, within the frame of the Quality Guarantee System of the Faculty of Philology and Translation following the procedure DO-0203 P1, which establishes different action possibilities or dimensions:

  • Academic: orientation on the study plans and on the subjects choosing.
  • Professional: orientation on the career opportunities.
  • Personal: orientation on the aspects of the students private life which can affect their academic life.
  • Social: orientation on the grants and scholarships for the development of the academic activity.
  • Administrative: orientation on the administrative requirements, enrolment and credit transfer.

The Faculty of Philology and Translation of the University of Vigo undertakes to carry out the Mentoring Action Programme which combines the academic orientation (preferential) with the administrative and social orientations.


Mentoring Action Programme 2021/2022

Mentoring Action Programme (passed on the XF on the 29/05/2017)


Information on the Mentoring Action Programme

Vice Dean of Quality
Coordination of the Mentoring Action Programme

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