RUCA Code 2503097
Branch of knowledge Arts and Humanities
Teaching centre Faculty of Philology and Translation
Type of education Classroom and blended learning
Number of entry-level places 40 classroom places(Decree 222/2011) + 10 blended learning modality
Language of the Degree Spanish, Galician, Portuguese (starting level: A1)
Regulated jobs for which it qualifies Not qualifying
Number of ECTS 240 (60 ECTS Basic education/ 60 ECTS Compulsory / 114 ECTS Mandatory/ 6 ECTS Bachelor’s Degree Final Project)
Educational system Full time/Part time enrolment
Minimum number of ECTS in enrolment Full time student:

  • 1st year: minimum 60 and maximum 60 ECTS
  • Other years: minimum 6 and maximum 60 ECTS

Part time student:

  • 1st year: minimum 24 and maximum 47 ECTS
  • Other years: minimum 6 and maximum 47 ECTS
Permanence Regulation UVigo Regulation
Diploma Supplement Issuing Requirements: RD 22/2015 (BOE 07/02/2015)
>Degree Coordination María Rosa Pérez Rodríguez
Date of authorization for the Degree implementation 24/10/2014 Order (DOG 06/11/2014)
Date of Publication of the Study Plan: Resolution 04/11/2016 (BOE 22/11/2016)
Current Degree Report Degree Report