What is the blended learning mode?

The blended learning mode enables to combine studying with other activities without losing quality. In order to ensure this quality all the specific subjects study guides specify the methodology and evaluation used in this mode. The objective is to achieve the same competences than the achieved in the classroom mode.

In Bachelor’s Degree in Language Sciences and Literary Studies the blended learning mode is only different on the methodology, but not on the results.

Who is it designed for?

It is designed for those who cannot attend the traditional classes.

It enables to combine studying with other activities, to broaden your education without having to depend on timetables and to study what you like freely, but with professional help.

There are many different types of students who can benefit from this learning mode, without having to worry about the time and ensuring a quality education.

How is it developed?

Differently to a completely online mode, there are compulsory on-site lessons, although only the essential for keep a direct contact between the teaching staff and the students.

You will be able to attend to the introductory lesson of each subject. This will enable you to get to know your teacher, the methodology, the contents, and the evaluation system and to clarify your doubts. You will also have to attend to some of the evaluation sessions.

To be evaluated you can chose between two systems: continuous evaluation and single evaluation. For the continuous evaluation the assessments described in the subject file in the section “evaluation system” will be taken into account. Each subject has its own specific system: mentored assessments, oral presentations, etc. In the continuous evaluation there are test which must be performed in person, and a majority which can be performed at distance.

The single evaluation consists on an only test, usually a written test, which usually has to be performed in person on the official date given by the Faculty.

How do I access?

The teaching staff will make available the necessary materials and support for you to attend the subject smoothly.

The available materials can be found at the FaiTIC, an UVigo service for tele-learning, massive open online courses, recordings of onsite classes, etc.

If you need help, you will be able to contact your teachers through the e-mail, Skype, etc, in addition to clarifying your doubts in person in the termly session, which are of voluntary assistance.