The Faculty of Philology and Translation of the University of Vigo specially encourages our students to take part in stays in foreign countries during their education.

The main international mobility programmes are Erasmus+, bilateral agreements (mobility grants UVigo and Santander) and Erasmus Mundus. All these agreements are managed by the International Relations Office (ORI) from the University of Vigo (see the calls).

For those students who want to study in other Spanish University, there is also the SICUE programme, managed by (SIOPE).

In some cases it is possible for students to carry out a free exchange with other universities, besides the university programmes or agreements.

First of all, you have to contact the service managing the mobility programme that you are willing to request and to keep up with the different calls. In this link there is information on the selection process and on the faculty requirements.

Once the scholarship or the stay has been approved and the destination has been given, you will have to carry out certain formalities: you will have to deal with the administrative processes in the ORI/SIOPE (scholarships management, insurance policies, arrival and end of the stay certificates, etc.) and the academic processes with the Faculty of Philology and Translation (learning agreement, credit recognition, etc.).

After the ORI officially “nominates” you (this is, sends your data to the destination university) you will receive information on that university. After the nomination process, it is very likely that the destination university sends you an email or a letter, but if this does not happen, you will have to contact it or consult their webpage to find information on the Erasmus admission. You should follow the steps given, as each university has different procedures, dates, and requirements for the enrolment process, the housing, etc.

In the international mobility programmes you will receive an informative guide on the steps to be followed.

The academic procedures are responsibility of the Faculty of Philology and Translation. Here we manage mainly the learning agreement and the possible modifications, as well as the studies recognition for the stay.

Once your destination has been assigned, the Virtual Secretariat will create your learning agreement, in which you must include the subjects that you are going to attend to in the University of Vigo and those that you are going to attend in the destination university. You must sign this agreement before enrolling in the University of Vigo. A maximum of 30 credits will be recognised for a term, and 60 for a whole year.

Those subjects which have been failed in the University of Vigo cannot be included in the learning agreement (but for the SICUE programme, in which you can include ONE subject which has been failed in the University of Vigo). You can enrol in these subjects in order to take the test during the year outside, but you cannot include them in the agreement. Consultations on the enrolment process in the Faculty of Philology and Translation must be direct to the Students Secretariat ( | +34 986 812 253).

In order to choose the subjects in the destination university, consult their educational offer in the web page of the centre and get in contact with the mentor of that university in the Faculty of Philology and Translation. When making the agreement, you must follow the criteria for choosing the subjects for each degree and year.

Once the mentor in the given destination approves the learning agreement, you must ask the Vice Dean of International Relations Office to review and validate it

Once the learning agreement has been validated, a document will be printed in the Vice Dean Office, and this document must be signed by you and by the exchange coordinator in the destination university. When the document has been signed by the three parties, you must send a copy to the Vice Dean of International Relations Office, and another copy to the ORI. If you send a scanned version, do not forget to save the original document.

If for any reason you must modify the learning agreement during the stay you have one month once the term has begun to do so.

Firstly, you must consult the change with your mentor, and once he or she has approved it you must communicate it to the Vice Dean Office in the Faculty of Philology and Translation, and ask them to change the status of the agreement to “In preparation”. Once the changes have been done, you have to ask the Vice Dean Office to validate it again and to send it to you signed and stamped. After that, both you and the Coordinator in the destination university must sign it and send it with all the signatures to the Vice Dean Office in the Faculty of Philology and Translation and to the ORI.

Important: If you modify any of the subjects in the University of Vigo, you must inform the Students Secretariat.

Once you are back from the stay, you must submit the original Academic Certification Transcript of Records (some universities submit it directly to the University of Vigo). Make sure that in this certification you can find all the subjects from your learning agreement, as well as the number of ECTS credits of each subject.

The Vice Dean Office will check that all the subjects in your Academic Certification are those in your Learning Agreement. After checking this, the Vice Dean Office will recognise the credits, following the criteria given by the International Relations Committee from the Faculty of Philology and Translation.

If you do not agree with your grade, you must get in touch with the Vice Dean Office firstly to express disagreement and if you are not satisfied with the response, write a reasoned claim and direct it to the Faculty’s Dean.