José Montero, novo decano da Facultade de Filoloxía e Tradución

The Faculty of Philology and Translation is one of the oldest in the University of Vigo. It is located in the campus of Lagoas-Marcosende, in the historical building in which there was the old University School which developed in the current university. In this unique centre –the only with this characteristics in Vigo-, students from the branch of Arts and Humanities learn, in order to achieve the knowledges and skills needed to become efficient professionals and, at the same time, with the purpose of achieve a wide and balanced education and to educate a critical and well informed citizenship.

We achieve the academic excellent through the study, the research and the innovation in the field of our languages and literatures (Galician, Spanish) and of foreign languages (English, French, German and Portuguese), as well as their translation and interpreting, in the means of three bachelor’s degrees within the frame of the European Higher Education Area: Galician and Spanish Applied Philology, Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting.

The Faculty of Philology and Translation is going through a moment of big challenges, as the current university system requires a number of actions and work which surpass the available time. The centre governing team wants to meet the demands and emergencies of a modern faculty by means of a team with parity of composition, mixing youth and experience, with long careers as managers or as researchers, willing to work, eagerly to face the challenges on our centre and on the current university.

We want to manage the daily life of a big faculty, taking into account the complexities and difficulties, and, over all, to do so by means of dialogue and respect. We want to make know for the society the considerable work and research that we develop; ultimately, to show to our environment, in and outside the University of Vigo, the need of our studies and of a Faculty of Philology and Translation in the south of Galicia nowadays, when the linguistic and cultural studies must be relevant.

The faculty assumes a strong commitment with the responsibilities that arts and humanities have in order to offer answers to the current social challenges: freedom, inclusion, creation of meaning, cultural intelligence and a democratic and responsible citizenship; these go with some of the most important challenges on social sustainability: the cultural expression, the equality between languages and their protection, the inter/transculturality, the migratory movements, the digital literacy, etc. And, as university centre, also wants to offer answers to the business, social and cultural network and to collaborate with the social agents, which enables an education focused not only on the contents, but also on the instrumental skills and on the know-how, reinforcing the action capacity on the society of the graduated students.

In this web page you can find precise information on our Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, as well as all the activities organised here, which complement the comprehensive training of the students, and on our infrastructures.

The centre is certified with FIDES-AUDIT and considers the international mobility of students and teachers one of their priorities and most notable features, so both students and teachers are encouraged to complete stays abroad through the international programmes Erasmus+, bilateral agreements (internal grants, etc.), ISEP and Erasmus Mundus.

The Faculty of Philology and Translation of Vigo seeks to be a place to work and let work; for our teachers to do so while teaching, developing their projects and researching; for our students to attend to classes and to participate first in the academic life, later in the work life; and for our service and administrative staff to have a positive environment to develop their daily work. These three elements together, which are the heart of the life in a university centre, let us have a Faculty in accordance with the times of the current university, and with the University of Vigo, in particular.

Count on us; we count on you.