Information for incoming students

The Faculty of Philology and Translation of the University of Vigo offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies related to languages

At the moment we have three undergraduate degrees: Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting, and Language Sciences and Literary Studies. Every year we receive a large amount of students from different countries as part of the Erasmus+ programme, ISEP, and other bilateral agreements and mobility programmes. So welcome you all!! We hope you will find our courses interesting and that you will have a nice stay in Vigo.



If you haven’t done the Learning Agreement already at home, you should have a look at the list of subjects you may take, their timetables and the exam and faculty calendar.

Most subjects are of 6 or 9 ECTS credits, and last for one semester. You can find the catalogues of courses at the following links: first semester and second semester.

There are also some subjects designed specifically for foreign students (ODIE).

Moreover, you can do courses of Spanish for Foreigners at the Centro de Linguas, and of Galician at the Area de Normalización Lingüística.

You may take any subject, even subjects from different degrees. You should ask your home university about the best choice considering their requirements and your academic interests.

You may attend some classes for a few days before registering, so that you get to know the level, contents, requirements, assessment processes, etc. Once you are sure of the modules you will be doing, you may register and fill in your Learning Agreement if you haven’t done it already, or make any necessary changes in the L.A. you have done. For this you should contact the departmental coordinator at the Dean’s office or at .

Modules of 6 credits are taught in two sessions a week, and modules of 9 credits in three sessions a week. Each session takes 1 hour 50 minutes (T&I, and LS&LS) or 2 hours (FL). Some sessions include the whole group of students, and other sessions are divided into smaller groups. You should ask the lecturers which is your group. These are the links to the timetables:


you can find the exam dates and times for each semester at the following link:


  • Where? At the “Negociado de Alumnado”, in the central building, just opposite the main entrance.
  • How? Filling in the registration form, giving your personal data, the modules selected, etc.
  • When? The sooner, the better. Preferably within two weeks.

Your grades will be sent to your home university once the evaluation process is completed. This may take some time. So, if your university asks you for some kind of statement of your marks at your arrival, you may ask your lecturers for a letter stating that you have attended/passed their courses.


Incoming students coordinator

Beatriz Rodríguez Rodríguez
+34 986 812 377